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Hello, world. Beginning at the turn of the century, I have spent my career working in graphic design, web development, and videography. I have enjoyed working together with small and large businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations, conferences, musicians, artists, filmmakers, and photographers. My own photography has been published in books and marketing materials across the country. In 1996 I earned an art award from my seventh-grade art teacher; in 2004 I finished a degree in Graphic Design. In the bowels of a printshop with ink-stained tradesmen, I acquired the skills which helped me later when signing deals with their sales reps. I have worked within pro bono freedoms and in the shadow of a pointy-haired boss, even enduring one publisher sitting directly behind me for a week, watching my every move. No pressure. I’m a young family man, dedicated to those domestic duties, stretching the dollar, learning childlikeness. Since 2010 I work full-time for the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, Kentucky.


Professional experiences, interests, and competencies:

  • Art direction
  • Editorial design
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Publishing
  • Videography
  • Web development
  • Front-end, accessible, mobile
  • Website content management systems
  • Flat-file static web page generators
  • The usual software
  • Other software
  • &c.

Personal interests and experiences:

  • Traditional hand tool woodworking and other old-world crafts
  • Permaculture and natural farming and gardening
  • More and other, &c.

Additional information:

Photography, Rap song, Guitar solo, Color Challenge, LinkedIn,