Ricky Irvine’s Web Page

Group portrait of Ricky with his young son and Roy Underhill outside an old building in Iowa

Here’s a picture of me and my son with Roy Underhill. He was outside a building in Iowa selling t-shirts from a wheelbarrow.

My career so far

I work in graphic design, web development, photography, and videography. Lately I am producing more videos than anything else. In the past I have worked with many large and small businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations, conferences, musicians, artists, filmmakers, and photographers. Some of my photography has been published in books and marketing materials. In 1996 my seventh-grade art teacher gave me my first art award; in 2004 I earned a degree in graphic design. Then, in the bowels of a printshop with ink-stained tradesmen, I acquired skills which helped me when signing deals with their sales reps. I have gone on to work within freelance and pro bono freedoms, and in the shadow of a pointy-haired boss. Since 2010 I work full-time for the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, Kentucky.

Helping blind people see the solar eclipse

I was enormously privileged to work on a project making it possible for blind people to see the solar eclipse in real-time. We tracked the sun with a time-lapse camera, sending new photos twice each minute through a computer to a prototype device called Graphiti, which blind people could then touch to see the disappearing sun. I coordinated a small crew to film the event, and next day finished editing the video. We think it’s pretty great.

Personal values

I am interested in the old ways of agriculture, and the traditional skills of hand tool woodworking. We keep chickens, and I am trying to grow some vegetables, and I have a small wood workshop. I also have an increasing sense for husbandry as a calling, a vocation. Wendell Berry describes husbandry as the name of a connection between man and earth — the soil, the plants, the animals — and the care and mutuality within those relationships. No doubt the reality of this (the necessity of this) applies much beyond the farm: to business and industry and exchange and consumption, but also to human relationships. Some day I will write a book.

Contact me

I don‘t use social media, and I am not linked in.

Work experience

Website and Video Designer at the American Printing House for the Blind, February 2010–present. Discipline: Web development, videography, and design.

Design Director for the Climacus Conference, January 2010–February 2015. Discipline: Art direction, graphic design, and web development for evolving conference about the humanities and classical Christianity. Named for 7th-century saint, John Climacus, author of The Ladder of Divine Ascent.

Freelance Graphic Designer, August 2007–February 2010. Discipline: Graphic design, web development, photography.

Graphic Designer at Blue Bus Cafe (design agency), January 2006–August 2007. Discipline: Graphic design, web development, photography.

Bindery and Letterpress at Warner’s Printing Service, February–December 2005. Discipline: Trim and fold paper; setup and operate letterpress for scoring, perforating, and die cutting; assist wash-ups on large Heidelberg press; other bindery and odd jobs.

Graphic Designer at Louisville Metro Parks, April–December 2004. Discipline: Graphic design and web development.